Jan Verbeek, D
OSMOTIC, Deutschland/Korea, 2006, 3:00 min. A young parking garage attendant with hat and trench coat and long arms conducts the cars to the one or other exit. The precise operation appears like the choreography of a powerful dance. The character of images and the musical composition annihilate boundaries, outside world and inner world merge. http://www.janverbeek.de

Tatjana Vujinovic & Zvonka Simcic, SL
PlasmaLux06-8, 2006, 1,57 min. PlLux06 AV DECOMPILATION is a collection of acoustic and visual interferences made through deconstructive methods of working with digital signals. Such fluid spaces co-create physical locations where they are presented. Production: Automata http://www.i-i-i-i.org

retroyou, E
...in the name of Kernel!, series 2006 �...the new light brighter like a light tube...� Flight report over C41 and the Himalayas. On August 9, 2006, about 1707 eastern daylight time, the flight crew of a nostalG 774-600, NSTLG registration HB-IGF, and operated by NSTLGAIR as flight 127, reported an unusual sighting. Pilot Kubasik reported as well anomalies while testing an experimental helicopter. A modified light P.Porter aircraft was sent to conflict zone. Joan Leandre, ES. http://www.retroyou.org

Mischa Kuball, D
AntiKino (AntiCinema) 1999/2006. This single chanal videoprojection is based on footage Material made in Istanbul in the Year 1969. The very touristic eye is captured by a sil�ent 8mm Movie shot by an amateur. From this the technical standard, weakness derives and shows the direct impuls on being shoot again right from the front angle of the projected image! Now the viewer is confronted with a non-narrative structure which is concieved only by simple light impulses reflecting the projected image � without an image as such. As a selfreflexive structure the project �AntiKino� refers to common habits and expectations towards a projected image, a film � but will not be satisfied by any means. (Installation/alternativ Screening) http://www.mischakuball.com

Hercli Bundi, CH
Touch screen. 1 Minute. 2006. A microphone attached on the TV-screen and its loose cable are used as set-up for a sensitive video-performance. The camera is just required to testify what the screen displays, but not to generate the movie. The recorded tape can be used to touch again and again and again. And each touch plays electric sound. http://www.enzenna.com

Pascual Sisto, E/US
28 years in the implicate order. Loop, 2004. The video consists of a locked off shot of an empty parking lot. A centered sodium vapor light illuminates the night landsape. 28 red balls bounce up and down in a chaotic random order. As the video reaches its mid point, the balss align themselves and all bounce a the same precise moment and then rsume back into chaos. http://www.pascualsisto.com

Judith Nothnagel, D
infra_tone, 2006. The work infra_tone reduces sound and space to an abstract synaesthesia. Experimentally it shows that the recipient himself composes complex narrative spaces. A proof that the world is connected. (Video/alternativ Video Installation) http://www.judith-nothnagel.de

Gorazd Krnc, SL
The work Me V(isual)S(ound) You is a work, made from scratch especially for this entry call. It is similar to my previous works, since all my video works are usually made from video or audio clips from the internet, television, films or other media. The title Me VS You describes a classical dualism, the confrontation between the spectators and the presenter, the artist. It also refers to me never actually being so close to the spectator, this is as close as I got so far with the viewer. The sound of the video is the form, with the multilayerous, nonlinear video story following it. http://www.artikel.si gorazd.krnc@telemach.net

Doron Altaratz, IL/US
The Golden Gate is a short experimental computer based video and animation work about timeless historical landmarks in a land that is constantly torn by a geographical and social war, a war that revolves around such religious landmarks. By using online web cams that are endlessly capturing and recording these landmarks in real time, along with time lapsing 12 hour into 3 minutes of the recorded footage, the density of the historical importance of these territories and the absurdity of the conflict over them is raised to a higher level. http://vjsputnik.com

Sensuikan, Sui Riku K� o Yuku, 2004 Germany, Music: doerbaum A small submarine goes on a visual acoustic journey in the honey-colored landscape of Berlin and elsewhere. http://www.gup-py.com and http://www.artgup.com

Ran Slavin, IL
Facial Witness, 2006 . In the alps a memory surfaces, a facial distortion, a lapses, an echo of a gun. http://www.ranslavin.com

Nikos Giavropoulos, GR
Lace Maker. 01:50 min. Lace Maker is trying to adapt with the evolution.

Reynald Drouhin, F
Video �Red�, about 1 minute long to 25 images/seconde, uses 1619 pictures found on the web with the keyword �red� and assembled as an animated movie, showing a � red � flow of informations. http://reynald.incident.net

Aki Nakazawa, JP/D
Drawing wishes, 2006 .Only the sky that I have never seen before makes me realize that I�m. aki305n (at) hotmail.com

Shahram Entekhabi, IR
3seconds. In reference to the history of photography (Muybridge) and to early film, the work consists of a series of 24 analog photographs that were also unified in a very short film. http://www.entekhabi.org

Adad Hannah, Ca
Band practice. In this Still (real-time video recorded tableau vivants) I was interested in seeing what one might hear when confronted by the image of a punk band standing completely motionless. In photography we imagine sound, and in video it is provided; so what happens when a video that approaches photography is silent. The video was produced in the practice space of a disbanded Montreal punk group called Da Bloody Gashes. http://adadhannah.com

Mans Wrange, S
The Good Rumor Project.(video excerpt) A project by ombud - the institute for improving society. http://www.manswrange.com and http://www.ombud.org Representation: Gallery Andrehn-Schiptjenko, Stockholm, www.andrehn-schiptjenko.com

Stefano Giannotti, I
Bubbles No. 4. Some bubbles of water in pond blow-up creating with their rhythm a musical piece. The basic idea is to transform a by-chance landscape event into a real score, a visible scheme regulating the delicate borderline between alea and structure. http://www.stefanogiannotti.com

Fabio Volpi, I/F
4th tunnel, 2006 - otolab production http://www.otolab.net

Frederique Santune, F & Garrett Lynch, IRL
Carnet_dabord is a sonar expression of an interior landscape in mutation. The echo, less than a response to vocal invitation, is the confirmation or affirmation of a learning process. The repetition distorts the words until the sounds become abstracted and removed from any language preventing any progression occuring. http://www.saturne-feerique.net and http://www.asquare.org

Juanjo Fernandez, E
Urban Horizon. Duration: 0:02:41. 2006. The city of Seoul in movement. Both sides of the image are the silhouette of the city from the outskirts, direction of the airport. The picture of the center is what I see from a underground vagon direction of the urban center, like swimming to crosscurrent. http://gnomalab.blogspot.com

Daniel Pflumm, D
�Paris� exerpt. http://www.galerieneu.com and http://www.danielpflumm.com