Shahram Entekhabi, IR
WATCHING: video by Shahram Entekhabi in collaboration with Martina Schoene-Radunski. We see a masked female human head and shoulders. Wobbly plastic eyes in different sizes are stuck on this bust?. The whole head is covered with these eyes. ... When moving impetuous, plastic pupils will tremble woozily....We, as the spectators self, will feel gaped by all those small wobbly plastic eyes. When the two real eyes open, confronting us, the former gaped one turns suddenly into the gaper. Who?s watching Who? http://www.entekhabi.org
Jan Verbeek, D/JP
Exercise: Through the eyes and reactions of a judge the video observes a tournament of young martial artists. The indications of the judge interfere with the transmission by the medium. http://www.janverbeek.de
Agnes Meyer-Brandis, D
Pause [Testserie #1]: Going on a parabola flight, I have to undergo several tests to prove that I am fit enough for the experiment. The video 'Testserie #1' documents my attempts to train myself to execute complex tasks even under challenging conditions: I am trying to conduct a thread through the hole of a needle with increasing level of difficulty. The video 'Pause' was shot on occasion of a little rest between the different carrousels, lying in the grass, looking into the sky. http://www.ffur.de
Andre Chi Sing Yuen, D
Ledahaut visualizes imaginary conventional elements like graphics, photography, dance, video, music and poem in an experimental space. From this fusion of interdisciplinary accrues an own view of aesthetic and thoughts. POEM: Frank Schablewski, D http://www.yuenart.com
Juanjo Fernandez Rivero, E
WAVEFORMS: is part off the series - Landscapes space-time 2008. -Landscapes space-time are memories of travelling. Places where I lived for a moment. Quicks moments that it is impossible for me to retain. I need to find a formula to be able to enter in this other dimension where everything is on the same shot. Where my memory will not be a barrier to be able to process all these memories. I would like to retain all of them in order to live more intensely and with stillness.- http://gnomalab.com/juanjofernandez/
Ran Slavin, IL
Tender Pray: Inspired by satellite images and outer space exploration "Tender Pray" seeks an habitual interface/interference between cosmological, technological and science factors, resulting in an ambiguity between the meta real, narrative and the perceptual...Tel Aviv becomes a playground for future fantastic imagining, the city relocated and chaotically reconfigured to become a new old lost star. This work is available as a-5 and 7 channel video installation in variations of endless loops or as single channel screening. http://www.ranslavin.com
Judith Nothnagel, D
exosphere: My works address identity, within space, within time. For the computer-generated piece, exosphere, I recorded my own cerebral currents in real time and elaborated from the recording the simulation of an interplanetary space. The element of fragile corporeality is linked in almost hypnotic manner with an aesthetic time-space structure. There are two forms of this work - as a video and as a video installation. http://www.judith-nothnagel.de
Gabriela Gerber and Lukas Bardill, CH
Rasenblume: You can see 375 football stars from the World Wide Web, choreographed as a flower, in the floodlight on the green pitch. The struggle for the ball is going to turn into a floral dance. http://www.bardillgerber.ch
Representation: Gallery Luciano Fasciati, Chur, CH www.luciano-fasciati.ch
Franziska Megert D/CH
Time Addiction : Our ecstasy for acceleration of time and our exaltation for velocity generate an irreversible addiction to time. Outspeed is today's credo whether in sport, business or everyday life. Time flakes away under our perpetually precipitance to its inexistence. The assumed conquest of time is its loss. http://www.megert.de
Gudrun Kemsa, D
Las Vegas Freeway 15: The Video shows a trip through Las Vegas on the Freeway 15. Just bevor sunset a fantastic landscape, buildings but also unready buildings sites pull past on the viewer like a coulisses. The slow sliding past of the picture and the reinforcement of the colors suggest a modelful impression. The concentration of the screen window on the by-pulling city without defined points of reference relieves the viewer of the real photograph situation. Do the viewer move - or the city? Space and time become relatively and reversibly. A real trip into a virtual world, which one is known only from night photographs. http://www.kemsa.de
Janeann Dill with Hank Lazer, USA
MAH: MOVING AROUND HEIDEGGER. Reaching across the disciplines of poetry, dance, music and animation to focus on shared elements of thinking, timing, and gesture, MAH: Moving Around Heidegger is a collaborative event with poet, Hank Lazer, to generate parameters of what interdisciplinary art would 'be' when founded on the concept of neither discipline illustrating the other. The role of interdisciplinarity in art is instrumental: not merely comparative, contemplative, or exploratory. This work, then, declines a singular perspective. http://interdisciplinaryartinstitute.com
Anneke Ingwersen, NL
The movie 'Saeulenhain' is simulating nature, constructed by objects of transparent, artificial materials and animated by the most simple technical devices, the shadow-play. The arranged objects, taken from everyday life, are combined with a subtle choreography of reflections of light and shadow. An optical landscape is created, in which the range between illusion and the world of material objects, nature and culture is explored. http://www.annekeingwersen.com
Nelly-Eve Rajotte, CA
Passages, crosses, lines and a fixed plan. It is around the themes of the linearity and time that this video is registered. Sound space is built while crossing the image via the line. http://www.perte-de-signal.org
Astrid Hagenguth, D
STOPPAGES: This animation visualizes the jazz tone 'Stoppages est plus' by iso68. Different imaginative techniques translate the exotic atmosphere of the music. http://nordmedia.de/scripts/contentbrowser.php3?ACTION=SHOWARTIKEL&ID=6641
Jose Jimenez, RA
Ramas VideoCode02; by i2off.org and r3nder.net and estatdolateral.net. http://www.i2off.org/ramas
Sky David, US
SKY-DAVID STUDIO in association with LIFE MEDICINE RESEARCH: CELL WATER: There is no sound as this is not intended to be a movie. It is being used directly for experimentation in the Photo-Biological area of Bio-Information Technology. It is a direct capture of the propagation of light in space emitted from the lens seen at screen center, top. The lens and the programmable light device that produce the image was invented and manufactured for LIFE MEDICINE RESEARCH by Sky David. Sky-David Studio.
Reynald Drouhin, FR
I.P.C.: From an IP collection, a city will be geenrated : I.P.C is this city. The goal of I.P.C is to make visible an utopic, a virtual, a global city, made of connexions and in a perpetual progression. The city will have a center, a periphery, and a growing community. ** Coproduction : numeriscausa ; incident.net ; Arcadi http://reynald.incident.net
Nikos Giavropoulos, GR
FEMINAE: Is part of my work 'Aphrodite' and it is an essay on love between women? http://de.youtube.com/user/NGiavropoulos
Susanne Fasbender, D
Watersticks: The forming and shaping quality of moving water which, to a certain extent, is the physical origin of the forms in nature, is brought into a pictorial context. The digital interweaving of the recording with itself generated peculiar kinds of pictographic characters. http://www.susannefasbender.de
Irena Paskali, MK
Urban Landscape: But if the spectator takes the time and clones to witness the details of the long images of tram station (as points of no return in time) or the Cologne cathedral (as a point of every return possible in and after life). The cathedral images concentrate on a spatial vision displaying the important role of this building within the sight of the city. Once you are experienced in looking at these images you perceive a lot more than you expected before- it is worth looking at them for a long time! (Prof. Rolf Sachsse, D) http://www.irenapaskali.com
Axel Klepsch and Detlef Klepsch, D
Mind the step! Rest upon the faculty accounting, "Mind the step!" shows continuously different, six positions based image- and sound combinations. The exhausting of all computational opportunities determines the complete sequence. http://www.moovs.org
Norbert Kraus, D
les chinoises: My work "les chinoises" shows three short animations of figurines like sentences of a poem. http://www.institut-fuer-bildnerisches-denken.de/kraus.htm
Detlef Klepsch, D
Miniatures: Two-picture method. Figure A and B, the image basis for a short elementary image sequence / motion simulation. http://www.moovs.org
Ibrahima Niang alias Piniang, SEN
XXIe SIECLE: My work deals with evolution, globalisation and social critic. We don`t like buildings that make people live inside. In Africa we have sun light most of the time, life is very simple, people share everything. There is no reason that we have to copy the Europeans or Americans. It doesn`t fit on our society. Piniang, Senegal, 2008 http://www.piniang.com